Surgical Mask “Ear-savers” #sewstrong

What started off as something small has turned into something big!
GCW was inspired by social media, the St. Thomas Public Library and staff to purchase a 3D #Prusa printer several months ago. It has provided us with an amazing opportunity to solve problems inhouse and within our community…
GCW’s development team, with the help of others, discovered a way we could help during the pandemic! Our team began to 3D-print “ear-savers” to help masks fit more comfortably and donated them to dozens of local healthcare workers.
This morning we received a thank you card from a wonderful group of nurses! We are so happy to be able to help many of our front line workers.
A big thank you to John & Kate Zylstra + Justin and Klaske Rheubottom for their initiatives to get this kickstarted and all the hard work.
It’s just the beginning of an amazing venture. Stay tuned as we reach out to local media to keep it going!! #sewstrong #frontline #covid19 #community #donate #staysafe #theteamtotrust


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