Working with a Kitchen Designer – Why it matters…

Although the process of designing a kitchen has evolved over the years, today’s homeowners continue to find that working with a professional kitchen designer provides enormous value!

The kitchen is one of the most intricately designed rooms in a home. Designing a kitchen space is about more than just making the space beautiful – it’s about function. Designers understand the processes inside and out and their expertise can result in a more beautiful and functional kitchen.


Designers are both analytical and creative with access to a wide range of resources. They have experienced seeing many other spaces and can relate these to their decision-making in terms of layout and design. An experienced designer has the ability to visualize the space instantly and see its functionality. They can see the big picture down to every detail, ensuring correct measuring and that the design plans are complete, well in advance of construction. This will ensure the project is done right… AND on schedule.


Designers often have access to trade shows, exclusive publications, and information available only to the kitchen and bath industry. Constant training is offered by vendors and suppliers, keeping designers in tune with the latest trends and technologies, as well as, up-to-date with safety codes. The opportunity to work with various companies also creates new insights and experiences. From appliances and utility lines to doorways and walkways, there are countless things to consider.

Kitchens are not just for cooking and eating… they are a space where we entertain; where kids play, finish homework, or where we simply hang out. Your kitchen designer can guide you in selecting the best layout and materials that suit your character, and lifestyle, and withstand the test of time!


Invite your designer to get to know you on a personal level with opportunities to learn what you are all about and what your needs are. Having them over to see your space can be extremely helpful!

What worked in one home may not work in the next. When focusing on one specific area of the home, it’s important to make sure it suits the rest of your house. As nice as it would be to update with a fresh modern look, it may not suit your style and can kind of stick out like a sore thumb. When it comes to renovating, a professional designer will have the ability to make the new area modern and still tie it into the style of your home.


Believe it or not, most people don’t know what to plan for when it comes to a budget for their new kitchen. Walking your designer through the scope of your plan can be helpful to determine your needs. It will also help the designer understand how to design your space.

Working with a designer can also benefit you by assisting with making the best choice when it comes to costly decisions such as plumbing placement. They may also have a variety of ideas on how to help you save on costs. Do-it-your-self kitchens also put the responsibility of any damages incurred during delivery or installation on the homeowner. Sometimes it can end up costing you more.  When you choose a professional, not only do they take on that responsibility, it often includes a lifetime warranty on your kitchen cabinetry!

Working with a professional kitchen designer is well worth the investment. Seasoned kitchen designers can provide valuable opinions and advice on products and will also have considerable amounts of valuable experience that could save a homeowner significant time and money. They will bring their expertise and work alongside you to bring your ideas to life! Your final design will result in a more beautiful and functional kitchen.

Written by: Kimberly Bricker, Marketing Specialist

Interview with: Pam Regier, Design & Sales Manager