A Space for Everything & Everything in its Place

Having an organized closet is undoubtedly one of the most fundamental elements that you can incorporate into your life, adding efficiency, organization, and investment.

Maximizing your closet space, no matter the size can create a functional, stunning space that’s uncluttered and has a place for everything.  From shoe storage to hanging space, and shelving, an organized closet allows you to see exactly what you have.


Comparable to household appliances, closets these days can offer an abundance of bells and whistles with accessories that are inspired by beauty, innovation, and functionality.  Accessories can include everything — from removable laundry bags and accessory pullouts, such as tie, belt, or scarf racks – to hooks, valets, jewelry trays, and rotating mirrors.  Your options for outfitting a closet are now nearly endless.  Today, custom millwork is common, with levels of visual finish options as sophisticated as any high-end kitchen or bath.

A custom closet would not be complete without a shoe storage system, keeping all your footwear neatly organized and easily accessible.  Shoe storage should be near the top of your priority list, maximizing your closet space regardless of its size.

Lighting is a crucial element of intelligent closet design. The value of great light fixtures, built-in strip lighting, and illuminating glass shelves bring style and functionality to your space. Incorporating a window adds natural light and air circulation bringing another component of detail to the design.

Even if you don’t have a walk-in closet, you can still benefit from a gorgeous custom closet organizing system. A standard closet can get an instant upgrade with a top-notch organization solution. Custom drawers and shelves can maximize your closet space by adding extra room when there is limited floor space.

A custom closet can be for more than just clothes – having other existing closets in your home, professionally organized, will maximize storage and all your closets will have space for everything — and style to boot.


Where you begin depends on your desires, needs, and budget.  Will the space simply be a place to store clothes, or will your closet also need to be used as a dressing room? Require a place to sit? Will you need a mirror? Perhaps a closet island with additional drawers?

Regardless of the design and accessories you choose, your closet must be adaptable, durable, and convenient to use, while suiting your budget and storage needs.  Creating a custom-designed closet can be tailored to any price range.  Selections weighing in on the cost will include accessories, the complexity of the design, and the materials you choose.


Working with a closet designer is the smartest way to design a great closet. When you choose to work alongside a reputable company and an experienced designer, you’ll discover a wide range of product options and ingenious space-saving ideas.  Your designer will take advantage of all available space, from the ceiling, down to the floor, and can ensure you get exactly what you want visually while ensuring functionality is precisely met.

Begin your day right with the functionality and organization you’ve always dreamed of.  Your custom closet is an investment for your clothing and your home that suits your individual style, creating the perfect custom-coordinated space!


By Kimberly Bricker | Marketing Specialist

GCW Custom Kitchens & Cabinetry Inc.