Staging Your Kitchen Like a Pro!

Your kitchen is the heart of your home, bringing family and friends together to enjoy great food and make lasting memories! Whether you’re hosting an event, having special guests for dinner or selling your home, staging your kitchen takes your space from now to WOW! Staging is the next level beyond simply cleaning and can make your kitchen feel photo ready, transforming it into an area you’ll be proud to show off! Staging doesn’t need to be difficult. In fact, if you follow these three simple steps, your kitchen will look its best in no time.

1. Declutter & Minimalize

Decluttering is great — minimalizing is even better! Instead of simply removing clutter from an area, remove items from your home that are no longer needed. This accomplishes that and takes an additional step by challenging our assumptions of how much we actually need. Minimalism frees up more resources. People who pursue minimalism rather than simple decluttering end up owning less and freeing up more of their time, money, and energy! Less is more in home décor because it is easier to draw attention to your treasure, that one piece you want everyone to see upon entering the room!

2. Add Character with Selective Décor and Accents

Choose a handful of items that are charming, fun, unique or eclectic to create a design you’ll love! Think out of the box — you’ll find inspiring ideas not only at home décor shoppes but often at second hand stores, yard sales or online. Every room has a focal point and each piece of decor has a purpose. Whether it’s a piece of art, a beautiful vase, giftware or greenery, how it’s displayed will keep the viewer’s eye moving through the room, noticing each eye-catching element. The place you choose for your focal point should be one of the first areas you see. Often, your kitchen table or island can be great places to begin!

Once you have selected your focal point, begin your transition to a few other areas such as your counter top and open shelving. Adding a small collection of items, also known as a vignette, can work well in these areas. Try to avoid corners; instead, shift your grouping slightly one way or the other. When pairing items, don’t get stuck on 3s… groupings of two can work just as well, especially if they have varying heights. Through these steps, the character and theme in your kitchen will start to take shape. A few additional items will add life to complete your design!

3. Bring in Life with Fresh Fruit, Veggies, Baked goods, and Greenery!

Adding plants, flowers and fresh baked goodies will bring your kitchen to life! You don’t need to be Jessica Préalpato to make this happen! Simply pop by your local bakery and pick up some muffins, scones or cookies. You can even make it look homemade! Display the baked goods on a beautiful plate or cake stand and even add a handful of berries beside them. A freshly baked loaf of bread can be placed on a cutting board with a knife along with a few sprigs of fresh rosemary or thyme. This level of staging will make your kitchen feel fresh and alive. Finally, the addition of greenery such as plants or flowers will complete the room. Whether you choose a vase of fresh cut flowers for your island, some small accent plants for your countertop and open shelving, or a full size tropical for a corner in the room, live or artificial plants will take your design to the next level and truly make it feel complete!

The right kitchen decor will help you effortlessly create a space that is dramatic and eye-catching. Make a statement with small pops of colour, subtle patterns and personality. A little goes a long way when you minimalize, so not only will your space look amazing, remember how easy it will be to clean with fewer items to be concerned with. Find a balance of beauty and function that suits your style and your kitchen will be a place everyone loves to gather in for years to come!


By Kimberly Bricker & Andrew Simoes, GCW Custom Kitchens & Cabinetry Inc.